Cancelation & Rescheduling Policy

Quicksilver operates on a strict ‘Pay or Play’ booking policy on all performances. Once a performance is confirmed, and a retainer is paid, this clause comes into effect. Quicksilver accepts bookings on a first paid, first reserved policy. A booking is not guaranteed without payment of a retainer fee.

A retainer is expected 30 days in advance of a performance in the sum of 50% of the fee. If the agreed total fee is less than $775.00 a retainer in the amount of 100% of the fee will be requested. Should the client need to cancel a performance, they will be given 90 days to reschedule. The rescheduled date must be within 90 of the original agreed performance date. If a rescheduled date cannot be reached than the full remaining payment of 100% of the agreed performance fee must be paid to Quicksilver.

Full payment must be made on the day of the performance or within 90 days of the original performance. Interest and penalties will be charged weekly for late payments beginning the day immediately following the completion of one or more performances.

Please see your invoice or signed client agreement for the exact terms and rates that apply to you. Should the client simply request to reschedule the date or time of a performance, the same policy will apply as in the case of an attempted cancellation. Clients will only be allowed to reschedule a performance date to a limit of one time without additional penalties and charges.

Should Quicksilver not be able to provide the originally agreed performance or an equivalent due to a client cancellation or act of God, management will negotiate a suitable compromise.